Thursday, July 12, 2012

"It's A Grand Night For Singing" 
- from the 1945 Rodgers & Hammerstein musical State Fair

Thank you to Central MD/Bayshore Fan Connie for this
beautiful sunset out of Ocean City, MD Thursday night
5:50 AM EDT 7/13/12 (Forecaster Mike & Advisor Foot) - State Fair season is getting started across the country! If you have any state or county fairs going on within the next several weeks, please let us know. One fair is getting underway this weekend in the Central Maryland region. The Baltimore County 4-H Fair is already underway and continues through the weekend. While conditions could be better, the area will likely see some partial sunshine with highs in the mid to upper 80s. It definitely was a great night for singing across that region, where another beautiful sunset covered the evening sky!

"The Stars are Bright Above" – The lucky ones with a clear view of the sky and comfortably cool temperatures may be in our Southeast Wisconsin zone, stretching eastward across the Great Lakes region. After that beautiful sunset in Maryland, we can look at some clear and starry skies in some portions of the country. Unfortunately, a very significant portion of the country will not have visible starts because of a persistent cloud cover in place.  Southeast Wisconsin can expect lows down in the mid 60s so it may be a nice night for some stargazing!

"Shiny and Silvery Blue" – One of the reasons the evening is especially nice for stargazing is the crescent moon in place.  The Central Colorado zone is on the fringe of the clouds coming in from the southwest, but partly cloudy to mostly clear skies may make for a nice moon view right before sunrise as is the case during a waning crescent moon.We are coming off of the last quarter on July 10th, and heading to the New Moon on July 18th. For some areas of the northern Plains and northern Rockies, we may be able to see that “shiny and silvery blue” crescent moon above the landscape tonight.

Water Vapor image over the Southwest from the NWS

"To Add to the Show" – What a way to break the Excessive heat – with the beginning of a monsoon situation in the southwest. After many days of Excessive Heat Warnings and high temperatures rocking well above 110º and even 120º, that dark pink on the Advisory map has been replaced by the green of a Flash Flood Watch! Scattered thunderstorms will be possible across much of the southwest including the Death Valley area and the Las Vegas area. We may even see some thunderstorms heading over to the Grand Canyon, so keep your eye on the sky if you are vacationing in that region!

Have a wonderful Friday! 

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