Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Students As Science Ambassadors

Our Baltimore County Winter Weather Assessment is one example 
of how students and professionals on our team collaborate across 
counties and states to interpret and communicate weather & climate 

How It Started. Foot's Forecast was an idea proposed by an unknown 10th grader at the end of science class one day at a semi-urban high school classroom of Baltimore County. Today, there are over 50 students across the country who actively engage the public daily in communicating science to a readership of over 70,000 in social media. 
Forecaster Evan with CEO Rich Foot in a June 2012 presentation 
to students at Hereford Middle School, Baltimore County Schools
On our team, students lead the innovations that help explain in a plain language manner to the public the complexities of the atmosphere and climate. It all starts with believing that students can make a positive contribution, and then giving them leadership opportunities to make it happen. 

Northern Virginia Forecaster Kurt Hansen conducting public outreach 
at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington DC.

Where Students Have Impact. Everyone is affected by significant forces in weather climate. The tricky part is learning how to explain hot topics such as "Climate Change" in a measured, scientific way. Putting students in charge of a collaborative multi-state project such as a large scale winter storm forecast or a hurricane impact forecast is not just for fun, it's real world career experience. 

Foot's Forecasters are dedicated to their work because know the results will be read by hundreds or thousands of people. The impact of this approach produces students who internalize a strong work ethic grounded in transparency, collaboration and integrity. It's our way of helping keep America competitive, but build future scientists, one forecast at a time.

High School Students:
What's in it for you?

Our Training and Career Opportunities
  • Apply to the Summer Weather Camp at the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Science, Howard University - Washington DC
  • Become part of your local NWS SkyWarn Training or the 50-state COCORaHS observer network
  • Compete to join our internship program with the University of Maryland once you are a confirmed, active member of the team
  • Determine pathways for future leadership opportunities on the team, from Lead Forecaster to State Leader and eventually Regional or Specialty Director 

Trained, supportive adults

Youtube link to Advisor Forrest Palmer's outreach message 

Request an Application to join
Contact our Leadership Team
Explore Partnership options is a multi-state weather forecasting, decision services and education outreach company. Our staff is led by 3-member Officer Team and a 7-member Advisory Board supporting a network of 8 meteorologists and 50 forecasters. Our forecast team include college students pursuing Atmospheric Science or a related career, and rising high school students with strong academics, communication and teamwork skills. 
  • We collaborate across state lines to provide readers with a locally relevant, accurate, forecast for their communty or place of business. 
  • We are passionate about providing opportunities for advancement to all our members, in order to improve the quality of our daily forecast for all readers. 
  • We innovate tested techniques to provide clients with effective decision support based on meteorological and climatological data that can save lives and protect property.

U.S. Team Spokesperson: Aaron Salter (application contact )
Advisor Outreach: Forrest Palmer (southeast & tropical)
Operating Officer: Keith Krichinsky (operations & clients)
Executive Officer: Rich Foot (planning & partnerships) 
Consulting Advisor: Mike Mogil (Certified Meteorologist)
Scientific Advisor: Dr. Winstead (Research Meteorologist) 

Authentic Local Weather 

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