Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On-site support helped MD State 
BBQ Bash make the right call
"I wish you guys were wrong sometimes."
-Executive Director Scott Walker

A HEADS UP THAT HELPED THOUSANDS. After a year of planning and countless hours of coordination by the Bel Air Downtown Alliance, the 11th MD State BBQ Bash got underway on Friday August 10, 2012 with dreary skies and light rain. But Executive Director Scott Walker happily pounded the pavement that morning as vendors set up in a steady drizzle, tweeting and promoting his event in Facebook and Twitter. 

Event staff were asking: "Why are you so happy? It's raining." His simple  reply: "Foot's Forecast says it's gonna clear up and they've never let me down."  As expected, skies cleared, leaving behind a classic summer night of family fun on the streets of Downtown Bel Air in Harford County, Maryland.  

Saturday featured brilliant skies for almost the entire day. Crowds came by the thousands to fill the event. By late afternoon however, the weather began to turn. When Executive Director Scott Walker needed to know rain arrival down to the minute, he turned to Forecasters Mike from Harford County and Forecaster Connor from Howard County. Assisting were Mid-Atlantic Director Greg Jackson, and Forecaster Matt Balash from the Three Rivers Zone.

The crucial on-site minute-by-minute decision support provided Scott with actionable intelligence to inform the visitors, give the band a heads up, and allow vendors a 30-minute lead to prep for a thunderstorm. Once the storm passed, crowds came streaming back in as it the rain never happened!

The next week, when an Outdoor Movie Night was unfortunately cut short due to rain, Director Walker was quoted as saying "Hey, I wish you guys were wrong sometimes! Thanks for the support!"

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