Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Authentic TEAM

At Foot's Forecast, we don't just predict weather, we live it with you. To better deliver the locally-produced weather forecasts you've come to rely on, we're working to build a strong foundation of resources. We invite you join the effort and support our "Authentic Weather" campaign. In exchange for a small donation, we offer a team shirt, custom long-sleever or hoodie: (donation levels include tax, shipping and artwork options)

  • $10 for a youth-sized shirt or $20 for adult sizes (sizes up to 6 XL available).
  • $25 for a long-sleever with specialized FF artwork on the sleeve or shoulder (you'll get to select from several designs).
  • $40 for a hoodie with color and seasonal options, such as our "Powderhound Purple" for the snow sports community.
  • Special pricing for multi-item orders or a custom set for your organization.

Simple Steps To Your Order. To gauge quantity and interest, and to get your request in before the holidays, here's how it works:
  • First, send an email to with: a) Your first & last name; b) The city to where your order will be shippedand; c) A general idea of items and quantity you would like. We also welcome any questions you have.
  • Second, you'll receive a quick "auto-message" with instructions on the order process and our guarantee your email, order info and credit card will never, ever be sold, redistributed or published to a third party. 
  • Third,  you can checking the status of the "Authentic Weather" campaign at this page. When printing fires up, we'll share pics of our progress!
Forecaster Joey, 2nd from right, is a custom printer extraordinaire with Just Extreme Graphics.
Shown here with lady forecasters at the April 2012 USA Science & Engineering Festival.
A Business Takes The Right Step.  Whether you're a long-time "Foots" follower or have just learned about us, you'll benefit from a special partnership we have with Baltimore screen-printer Just Extreme Art. Locally-owned and operated, Just Extreme has teamed up with Foot's Forecast to produce an inspiring and innovative new line of team apparel.  

Passion For Team Progress. our readers have been there with us through every storm and the recovery. Even when weather takes a break, we keep moving forward for you. Here's a short list of objectives in progress during 2012:
  • Developing a new, innovative, and easy-access website;
  • Organizing our content for distribution to a Smartphone app with alerts;
  • Expanding education outreach to continue building the team, AND now...
  • Authentic, locally-produced "team apparel" for our fans!
     We look forward to seeing you in the "Epic Blue." 
    Thanks for your strong support of our team. 

    *Seal of An Authentic Weather Forecaster
    Featured below is Forecaster Ross Harris 
    of our Cape Fear & Carolina Coast Zone
    high atop Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina

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