Thursday, November 29, 2012

Honoring The Global Rainbow
Image credit: A public art project by Yvette Mattern

A mosaic of lasers streamed across NYC in honor of those
who have suffered and lost in Hurricane Sandy.

10:45 AM EST 11/29 - Honoring the #GlobalRainbow (The U.S. Team) While the weather is calm today, we wanted to do our part in marking one month since the devastating impacts of Hurricane Sandy on New Jersey and New York. We know some are still a long way to recovery. We hope the NYC public art laser show is an inspiration to you. Our Metro New York Team in Facebook also did a special feature on it this morning.

Details on the public art project by Yvette Mattern in this article from the UK's Daily MailIf you caught some imagery of the lasers in your neighborhood, and would like to share here on the page, please post in a message. We would welcome featuring your photography on our cover page from time to time. It's part of our "authentic approach" to local weather, and honoring those who have lost so much.

By the U.S. Team of Foot's Forecast

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