Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Weather Consulting 
with the Foot's Forecast Winter Stormcast Team

A HIGH-IMPACT PATTERN has established over North America. Our team expects a
challenging round of winter weather to affect the Eastern U.S. the next few weeks.

  •  Relying on a 99-cent Smartphone app that can't answer questions
  •  Staring at a radar loop when you have more important work
  •  Basing tough decisions on a 15-second Weather Channel graphic

GET PREPARED, BEFORE YOU HAVE TO. Our team has immediate answers, interpretative services and integrated support. We can provide you:

  •   On-call, on-line and on-site consult with our forecasters 
  •   Dedicated local decision support from a team in your area
  •   Actionable intelligence backed by sound science to aid your decisions

Service Options Now Available
At 25% OFF 

  • Immediate pre-public notification of internal forecast decisions by our Winter Stormcast Team by text, tweet or email. 12 hours of consult at $30/hour until hours are used, and 10% off a monthly support plan if it follows.      
  • Site-specific to your location, with two dedicated local forecasters assigned as your direct liaison and interface to our forecast information.   
  • Includes a FREE "team hoodie" in purple, blue or black.
    • Customized “menu" plan, allowing flexible selection of any programs or products in our Decision Services overview.
    • Urgent Service included up to 24 hours of on-line, on-call or on-site consult over life of agreement at no extra cost.
    • Special discounts of 10% off 2nd & 3rd month plus 25% off a future SEASONAL SHIELD PLAN in the following 6 months (incl. severe weather & tropical) 

    • A "universal" seasonal package including all products & programs in our menu, available as a PDF on request. Receive dedicated daily support on-call, on-line and on-site as needed, and a customized client forecast page. 
    • Contract term is 120 days and includes bi-weekly long range assessments, forecast verification, access to our certified consulting meteorologists.
    • “Early Bird” pre-winter pricing of 25% off until December 1, 2012 with exclusive access to on-going team analyses with our forecasters via a private page.

    Ready to work the storm with you.
    Mid-Atlantic Director Greg "Winterman" Jackson
    is one of 50 forecasters in that region ready for you.


    Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

    Models are all over with QPF and really have struggled with the pattern more so than usual. I like a general 2-4 inches and think things may trend wetter.

    ravensbbr said...

    Looks like it possibly could shade further over to the East at this point?

    NeedaSnowday said...

    At least we have something to "track" unlike last winter!

    Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

    I like 3-6 at this point. Better moisture feed associated with this system. Air mass will be a little cooler than modeled as well.

    NeedaSnowday said...

    I am actually interested in the Jan 3/4 possibility.... have an event on 4th..... ::whispering:: that I would like to see canceled..

    Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

    Jan 3-4 is there in some form but too far out to speculate. I like the 3-6 for this event. Great moisture feed from the gulf, and pervasive snow cover to the north and west will yield cooler than modeled temps.

    NeedaSnowday said...

    I am pretty pumped for this Sat storm too... don't get me wrong. Just keeping fingers crossed that 3/4 pans out!

    Thanks Andy!!

    Amy said...

    Andy, is that 3-6 for your neck of the woods or Baltimore area?

    Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

    Baltimore around 3 further north west up to 6. Cooler temps and better ratios the further north and west from the city.

    ravensbbr said...

    Ehhh...I will be the outlier on this, and freely admit I know much less then Andy. That being said, I don't like how the models move it so far so fast eastward, and I'm concerned that the low could slide out away too far away from us here on the MD/PA line.

    Now that I've got that off my chest, watch it overperform as it's two sibling storms did earlier this week and give us

    I'd be very happy to be wrong. :-)

    ravensbbr said...

    And just for the record, I did come up with that theory before watching TWC tonight...just saying... :-)