Saturday, December 8, 2012

And The Next Storm Is....?
The slow step-down to winter lurches forward with a Central Plains cutter.

Graphic provided by Affiliate Forecaster CirrusWeather of Hays, Kansas

8:45 AM EST 12/8 (Winter Stormcast Team) Is this the December our calendar forgot to remember? We know that many powderhounds are waiting, watching and wondering when their area will ever see snow. Heading into the second week of December, although much of Canada retains snowcover, the U.S. is starkly lagging behind. Almost the entire Eastern U.S. even into New England is devoid of notable snowcover. 

The current storm system as depicted above looks to deliver snowfall to the central and western U.S. this weekend while much of the East remains on the warmer side, expecting just rain. Any snow will be confined to interior New England. A look at what our team expects -- or does not expect -- in the week ahead across different regions:
  • MID-WEST: Affiliate Forecaster CirrusWeather states that for the central Plains this weekend, "Saturday will be the last “warm” day before all of this with highs in the 50’s statewide. Saturday night things will begin to change, starting in Northwest Kansas and working towards Southeast Kansas by Sunday evening as the system pushes through." As posted in our Winter Stormcast | Central Plains zone. For snowfall impacts once the storm reaches the Great Lakes, you can check in with our Southeast Wisconsin zone.
  • EAST: The Director of our Winter Stormcast | Mid-Atlantic zoneZach Fasnacht had this to say about the eastern U.S. snow potential the next week, "We think the cold air will stay trapped in Canada for longer than expected. There will be a series of storms starting this weekend. But with the jet stream to our north, the cold air will be trapped to our north. Eventually a storm will come through and be strong enough to open the door to this cold air. But until then just some chilly rainstorms unfortunately."

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ravensbbr said...

T - March 15 and counting for snow stickage 'round these parts...get here already, winter! :-)