Monday, November 2, 2015

Payment Portals

Winter Services - Foot's Forecast, LLC

 Insider's Payment Portal  
(PayPal not required to register or renew)

*Winter intelligence through 12/31/16*

Insiders receive through 12/31/2016:
  • The Foot Note - A daily, early AM text & email notification service apprising you of impending weather concerns in the next 24-36 hours
  • The Weather Board - A weekly assessment issued each Thursday all season outlining winter hazard potential in the 7-10 day period ahead.
  • Talk with a Forecaster - Have a question about a specific date or event? Ask us directly via the text service, or call the Powderline (details after payment)
  • Insider's Private App - Direct access to internal reports, daily posts and special long range forecasts via a soon-to-release Insider's only app for both Apple and Android devices.
Registration Instructions

Winter Services - Foot's Forecast, LLC

Winter Services - Foot's Forecast, LLC
  1. All Insider services are $ 5.00 through 12/31/2016, (equivalent to 3 cents/day for 150 days of notification from Jan 1 to Mar 31 & Nov 1 - Dec 31)                                                                                           
  2. After payment, you are redirected to a confirmation page with access code instructions to complete enrollment in our Insider's text notification service.           
  3. Within 24 hours, a welcome email and first text will be issued containing our most current projections for the 7-10 day period ahead.
We look forward to formally welcoming you 
to the Insider Team for this year's winter journey!

Snowy lane near Stormstown, PA 

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