Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter's Chill Strikes Back
  • Northwest flow today of 10 mph will keep conditions feeling much colder;
  • AM lows Tue-Thu in the teens region-wide, daytime highs 30-35 F most areas;
  • Rain approaching the DC-Baltimore-northern Virginia region Friday may start as light freezing precip early Friday morning, before turning to all rain. 
  • A pattern change toward more stormy conditions is in the offing after this weekend, with factors becoming more favorable for snow next week.

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ravensbbr said...

Heavy flurries this AM in the highlands...some on the truck's windshield when I left for Baltimore this AM...like seeing an old friend. :-)

BioPat said...

Checking in.

Andy, Southern York County Pa said...

The fun does not start until around January 15th. Snowblower is prepped and ready for the final 2 weeks of January!

Snowplease said...

I hope your right Andy I'm losing hope. Cold-dry and warm- rain seems to theme.