Saturday, January 28, 2017

"And That's The Way It Is...?"

(Joining the Insiders will help you know where to find it.)

10:00 AM 1/28 - Long time Powderhounds can tell when we're reading their mind, and we know what you're going through in winters like this. Then again, Spring-a-lings and Coastals are probably candy happy with the way it is so far. For the rest of us...
  • When you want it to snow...there's no easy way out. When you're ready for Pow, but the forecast's in doubt,
  • Don't give up on your sky, because we have a solution if you're willing to try.
  • It's plain to see if we stick together, weather will find a way. 
  • Just don't surrender, because you can win in this thing called snow.

The simple answer? Join the Insiders and receive exclusive access to our inside reports via app email and text updates. Please see our previous report on 1/21 regarding La Nina and it's influence on this winter, and let Forecaster Celine know you aren't willing to accept this season as the way it is.

Short version of what we see? 
  • Temperatures: Surface and upper level conditions over North America are cooling at the right time as we head into February. The ground is becoming refrozen over night to the point that once precipitation occurs, it can easily stick.
  • Precipitation: The southern jet stream is slowly being reactivated as increased moisture transport will begin occuring from the east Pacific into the U.S. in the next 2 weeks. 
  • Snow cover: As clippers cross the Great Lakes, more and more snow squalls are helping rebuild lost snow cover in the Northeast. 
What it all means: Allow this process to continue another 5-10 days, and it's easy to predict much of the Mid-Atlantic will be primed to go powder. Even better, it would be right on schedule during a period in the February calendar already well-known for memorable snow events. 

And THAT'S the way we think it is...

The FF Winter Stormcast Team


Muselock Holmes said...

**ACORN UPDATE** Hi ladies and gentlemen! So last year I told you that my theory on acorns has been 100% accurate for large snowfall predictions. Last year we only had one large snowfall and the acorn/ acorn top counts were pretty high. This year was one like I have never seen before. Lot's of acorns tops. More than last year and they are the largest acorn tops I have ever seen. Hardly any full acorns in the tops (Maybe 10%) meaning, IMO, those fat bastard squirrels ate like kings and were preparing for the worse. With that in mind, my prediction is that we are in for a real doozy of a storm sometime in February or March! Don't pack the big boy and big girl boots away yet!

Pat Abrahms said...

I couldn't agree more with your hypothesis.

NeedaSnowday said...

Fabulous... I can give you my prediction! Annual Orlando Field Trip 3rd week in Feb... plan for a blizzard! HAH!

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