Thursday, September 22, 2005

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The preparation stage is coming to an end, and the survival stage is about to begin. From this point on, the storyline changes from a meteorological one to an unfolding massive human drama of unbelieveable porportions. A traffic backup for a hundred miles or more in stifling heat. People from Texas heading north or east thinking they are moving out of the storms path are encountering heavy traffic coming west from Louisiana as those residents flee the same storm since the path appears to be shifted. These drivers may be running out of gas, slowing down efforts to get out in time. So what we thought might be a heroic to save lives by getting people we hope will not turn into a deathtrap. Instead of people trapped in homes with rising water, will we instead see motorists stuck on roads in the storm's path with no fuel and nowhere to hide facing the exactly the fury they were trying to avoid.

I have other points to make in tonight's discussion, including:
1. How a weakening trend will lead to an expansion of the wind field, affecting a larger area.
2. How the inland flooding risk may be greater for areas not in the Hurricane Warning.
3. Will there be another eyewall replacement cycle before landfall?
4. A summary of damage expected by NWS statements posted today

Please check back later this evening.