Monday, August 20, 2007



As of 8:35 pm EDT Monday, Reconnaissance aircraft has discovered Dean crossed over to the "finger of God" status of hurricane intensity, with maximum sustained winds now at 160 mph, a central pressure of 915 millibars (that's a whoppingly low 27.01 inches of mercury!). Only divine intervention can avert a total catastrophe now, as this storm is poised to be only the 11th Atlantic basin hurricane in recorded history to make landfall in North America as a Category 5. My source for this is a detailed posting on Wikipedia, which I know has had some credibility issues, but being the weather aficinado that I am, I do not see any data out of place on this particular page of that site. If you are as enthralled by hurricanes as I am, (just not by the destruction they cause) take a few minutes to look over this link, it is really very well-done and interesting. Last and most important, remember to hold those in the storm's path in your thoughts and prayers for strength, a speedy recovery and a repsite from future storms this season.

There is a little tropical disturbance near the Leeward islands that looks to be quite a puzzler the next few days, with computer modeling already displaying shades of a loop-de-loop track similar to what Hurricane Jeanne presented in 2004. We should watch this one closely.