Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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"Back in the High Life..."
- 1986 single and album title by Steve Winwood

8:00 AM THU 4.15.2010
Southwesterly flow on the backside of the high pressure system will bring warmer conditions north today. Increasing temperatures and rising moisture content of the atmosphere should spawn thunderstorm activity across the northeast and southeast from Friday evening into Saturday morning.

THE 2010 POLLEN AND PEST ATTACK! Much of the Eastern U.S. experienced record precipitation this winter from both rain and snow. Although NOAA reported a generally cooler than December to February overall, millions of trees and flowers began blooming early, firing up the allergy season with force up as soon as winter signed off. The copious precipitation will lead to a record mosquito outbreak this year, rivaling the allergy annoyance. Then there will be those lovely little black waterbugs too. Ahh, the joys of warmer weather.

Projections from the North Atlantic Oscillation are a heads up going into the April 19-23 Earth Week: Negative values of the NAO index suggest cooler than normal temperatures then. This time of year, that is usually accompanied by showers and stationary fronts. The trade-off would be rainy conditions can at least clear the air for allergy sufferers; though it permits more standing water for mosquito larvae to inhabit. We just can't win for losing. Back in the high life again? For Powderhounds, that's the start of Meteorological Winter, December 1. Surely you can hold on for another seven months now, can't you?