Friday, November 11, 2011

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Team remembrance of Veterans Day
by Lead Forecaster Greg Jackson, 
Three Rivers Team of Southwest Pennsylvania

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by Nick Scirico, NC State University
9:30 PM EST 11/11/11  Greetings everyone, we hope this was a good Veterans Day Friday for you. On days like today weather is an important part of our lives, but also is the least important. Today is a day to honor and remember those who have given their lives and service for our freedom we have today. 

We honor them by attending parades, visiting a burial site of a fallen veteran, or paying tribute in the calmness of our hearts. Students on our team will or already have honored our veterans by participating in school sponsored events. 

In Washington State, Mark Ingalls, our Lead Forecaster for the Pacific Northwest in Washington State attended an assembly Thursday in honor of our fallen heroes. In Georgia, Daniel Ross, our Southeast Team Director from the Metro Atlanta area, attended a Georgia Institute of Technology football game Thursday night for honoring a returning soldiers from Iraq, who saw his  family for the first time since arriving. Former Georgia Institute of Technology players were also acknowledged for their service to our country. 

In Maryland Mike Natoli, Lead Forecaster from the Bayshore Region and the Central Maryland Team, will be marching with his fellow marching band classmates in a Veterans Day parade held in Harford County. 

In Pennsylvania, Forecasters Matt Balash and Greg Jackson, of the Three Rivers Team will hear the roll call, at California University of PA, of more than 6,000 names of the service members who have served and fallen in the wars of both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Many schools and colleges across the nation will participate in this roll call and observe a minute of silence at 2 pm Eastern Time. We encourage you to take a moment and remember in your own way the sacrifices  of many whom have gone before to make our country the "land of the Free and the home of the Brave."

About the Author: 
Greg "Winterman" Jackson is a freshman at California University of Pennsylvania majoring in Environmental Science. Greg has earned the title of Lead Forecaster on our team for a long record of innovative leadership extending back to his high school days at North Carroll High in Carroll County, MD. Greg was among the first high school students to join Foot's Forecast in December 2009, and is the student responsible for the one sentence which launched the facebook revolution on our team, and may possibly have influenced the National Weather Service to initiate Facebook pages. Greg led the charge to write this article about how our team is honoring Veterans Day.