Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Return To Normalcy? Not For A While.
  • RAIN RELIEF IS NATE'S FATE: Remnant moisture and wind from T.S. Nate overspreading the eastern third of the U.S. will reinforce the summer-like pattern seen in these areas since late September. The upside will be a welcome relief of rain to many dry areas baked in the recent warmth. See below for 7-day precipitation projections.
  • TEMPS STAY WARM: Long range temperature indicators show above normal temperatures for the mid-south, mid-Atlantic and northeast should continue through much of October.
  • BERMUDA HIGH HOLDING: As shown in the steering currents image from University of Wisconsin, the clockwise spin of air in the west Atlantic is maintaining a moist, tropical hold on the eastern U.S. while allowing Nate to fuel the fire even more with an infusion of fresh Gulf moisture into the pattern.

7-day rainfall projections from NOAA

What it all means?
Expect a warm, wet pattern through mid-October, returning to dry and windy toward end of the month. Unless of course the Gulf sends along another hurricane.