Friday, January 30, 2004


Although today through Monday will remain cold, it will be sunny and dry. I suggest you take the time this weekend to take care of a few things before "SHE" comes a walkin down yo' street Monday afternoon:

1. Clear away snow and ice from storm drains now. It will be back-breaking to have to do it later once this storm dumps on top of the last one.

2. Check your gutters. Knock off the icicles and try to get your gutters clear of snow if possible. The combined weight of the ice plus a heavy wet snow will likely pull some gutters down.

3. Gas up your snowblower, and restock on salt if there's any left anywhere.

4. And yes, be sure to get plenty of milk, bread (for the storm) chips and salsa (for the Superbowl).

So, now that I've gotten the hairs standing up on the back of your head, let's move ahead to the storm situation.

- The snow will be heavy and wet and there will be a lot more of it.
- Temperatures will not be as cold, ranging from 25 to 35 instead of 15-25
- The storm may not last as long, but it will take longer to clean up.
- There will be less freezing rain and sleet and more snow and rain.
- It will not arrive soon enough to give you a Superbowl recovery day :(

(This is valid from Baltimore to Philly, and includes Central PA)

SATURDAY: Cold and sunny. AM Low in the teens, High 27. Colder north.

Superbowl SUNDAY: Partly cloudy and a little warmer, AM Low 24, High 35.

MONDAY: Here's she coming a just a walkin down the street....AM Low around 30, High 36.

The day starts cloudy. It'll be one of those times when you can "smell" the snow in the air. By noon or perhaps early afternoon, the precip will start as a mix of snow and rain as temps are just above freezing. That mix may persist for a few hours into the evening as temps drop. During this time, a low in the lower Tennessee Valley will give way to a Low developing near South Carolina. BINGO! That's where the powderhounds WANT a Low to form for big snow here. Once that low gets going, the mix will turn to snow overnight, and... you guessed it... turn heavy. In the BAL area.. the mix will hang longer, in PHL, it will turn to snow sooner.

TUESDAY: Once the southern low gets cranking, it will draw in colder air on it's backside. All the area NWS offices are privately saying they expect this return flow changeover to occur by early Tuesday morning. This would set the stage for a classic Nor'Easter, as this storm will be LOADED with moisture feeding in from the Pacific Jet, the Gulf and the Atlantic. So it goes berzerk dumping snow all day Tuesday and maybe into the night.

WEDNESDAY: Clearing by morning or maybe sooner...and get this, not as cold. Temps are looking to rebound to normal, which for BAL and PHL is in the upper 30's for highs.


Monday afternoon: The mix will produce a slushy inch or so.

Monday night: A couple inches are likely, mixed with sleet at times.

Tuesday: In the south (BAL) anywhere from 4-8 inches and probably more.
The amount of sleet and rain is what may keep amounts low. But I think there is an equal chance that the storm trends colder. If so, amounts of 6-12 are not out of the question, In the north, (PHL) 6-12 inches and probably more. For all our Central PA friends, get ready for at least 12 inches.


Monday: Though the rain/snow mix may start before school is over, I think we will squeeze out a full day.

Tuesday: All Baltimore and Philly metro area schools closed as well as Central PA schools.

Wednesday: If amounts are 8" inches or above, BAL schools will be closed.

Thursday-Friday: School open all day.

AND THEN there's ANOTHER one coming next weekend.

So in between the SuperBowl commercials, keep flipping back to the Weather Channel and check this site all weekend for frequent updates.

Happy Friday!

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