Tuesday, January 27, 2004


What about school Wednesday?
Now I know those of you in school land are all nervous about school tomorrow. So let's look at the facts.
From today...
1. Tuesday 1/27, many MD and SE PA schools (except Philly schools) closed due to light freezing drizzle.
2. They knew the threat of worsening conditions throughout the day.
3. Temps were low to begin with (18 F at daybreak) so everything that fell froze on contact.
4. Given those factors, schools still closed. Now look at the evidence Wednesday...

For tomorrow...
1. Now there is at least .25 to .35 inches of ice all over everything (in BAL and PHL) including back roads.
2. Another 1-1.5" of snow has fallen on all that ice, making driving next to impossible on back roads.
3. Temps are dropping once again and snow will continue to fall until 9-10 pm in northern BAL county.
4. The snow-covered roads look harmless, but they conceal a devilish thick glaze of very slippery ice.
5. Bus stops will be skating rinks, let alone the roads, parking lots, etc. Bus stop safety is a major concern
6. Snow plows are designed to plow just that....snow. They don't work as well on ice.

So the call is...
1. Baltimore County: Closed Wed. Maybe a 1-hour delay Thursday. Open all day Friday
2. Howard County: Closed Wed. No delay Thursday. Open all day Friday
3. Chesco Schools: Most if not all will be closed Thursday, but open all day Thu and Fri

If we can squeeze in one more day off here, I can do some analysis of the situation setting up for late this weekend and next week. Suffice to say we have 2 more major winter storms in line between now and the 10th of February before this pattern unwinds.

(Remember everyone...when I say "we" it implies the I-95 Corridor from Richmond to Boston, and including our friends and family in Central PA.)


Forecaster Foot

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