Wednesday, January 28, 2004


It's looking like a clean sweep for all you out there in schoolyard land. (A clean sweep means all counties in the metro area closed.) Just got the word that my wife can keep on sleepin... BCPS is closed. And now we've just pulled Howard County into the club, so our forecast has nailed this for the third day in a row. Chester County, PA schools (where Mr. Foot and his brother Jeff grew up) are a mixed bag.... some closed, other 2 hours late. Philly schools are open but NYC schools are closed.

Remember that main roads may be clear in a situation like this, but Baltimore County alone has 2,786 miles of roads, many of them back roads, so just imagine the task of salting all those roads way up in Hereford and Owings Mills. Even if secondary roads are fine... the other issues are if the teachers can safely drive to school, and can the kids safely walk to the bus stop. It kinda makes you wonder how they do it in a place like Buffalo... if we go postal down here in BAL everytime it snows.

Yes, the rain is gone and the sun will come out in force today. Everyone has at least 4 days to clean up all this mess before the next round begins.

Preliminary look at the next big storm

FRI-SUN: Just light snow to greet you as you head out to the bus after the bell rings on Friday. A little heavier overnight, maybe 1-3" at tops. Behind that cold air filters back in, return flow on the high pressure that settles in over the weekend will recharge moisture from the Gulf, as a new system dropping down from the Rockies encounters that moisture. It may take a while for this storm to take shape since the high it is running into will be strong, which tends to slow down these storms.

By MONDAY, a low will be moving up the Tennessee Valley. With cold air in place over the coast (hmm, does this sound familiar?) but a warm slice of air will be moving in at upper levels, all this may start as sleet and freezing rain AGAIN but will turn to snow. And yes, Virginia, there is a chance this storm will move slow, with multiple lows taking their good old sweet molasses in January time to roll up the coast. So think ahead to another potentially prolonged event of freezing precip Monday into Tuesday. More details later today now that Dr. Hairston (our supt.) has given me another day to rest and drive my wife crazy with weather analysis.

You heard it here first folks..."It's gonna be a bright, bright sun shiny day."

Now back to bed.. don't you just love public education!

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