Tuesday, February 17, 2004

"The fruit cup says we are in on time tomorrow..."

- Attributed to Mr. Peiser, Chemistry teacher at Dundalk High School

For the past 3 years, we have been running a somewhat quasi-scientific study of the outcome of winter storm predictions based on...

If Mr. Peiser's fruit cup squirts out juice or not when the lid is pried off.

Seriously. This is a highly regarded study by many academics throughout our school. No really, the essence of this study is.. if abundant low pressure is present in the area, the high pressure of the fruit cup will cause juice to squirt out, hence a storm will occur. If there is high pressure in the area, the air is more stable and will prevent the juice from squirting.

So the bad news is... the fruit cup did not squirt today when it was put to the test around 11:10 AM. Thus, I will have to say that someone is going to get a hefty amount of snow from this storm, but it will not be the Baltimore Metro area. Why that is the case I will explain later this evening after I have my chocolate fix to ward off snowless depression. So the fruit cup wins.

There, now you know that all my hyped up analyses of computer models finally came down to if some stupid fruit cup squirted juice or not. Well, you gotta have a sense of humor about the weather or it will drive you insane.

Many thanks to the fun comments today, I appreciate everyone's input. Just imagine if we can get a real storm in here what we'll see posted about the weather in everyone's back yard. That will be fun.


Baltimore Metro Area: From this evening onward you might see some passing flurries in southern and eastern Baltimore county, and eastern Anne Arundel County. But that's it. Ocean City, Crisfield, Salisbury are all in line for several good inches of snow.

Philadelphia Metro Area: Passing flurries to your south. Henlopen, SE New Jersey, Cape May, that whole area will also get up to 4" with some localized amounts near 6".

AND SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAY? Unless there is some huge, unbelievable turnaround that no one catches until it's too late, I think the fruit cup wins here and we will be IN SCHOOL ON TIME Wednesday.

Boy, it hurts to read that, doesn't it? UNLESS.. hmmm hmmm this is going to be a Feb 1967 storm all over again. You just never know with the weather these days.

For all you powderhounds out there, I have lots of tissue at my house. The only solace I can offer is that you'll have to wait another 10 days or so before we can get this pattern reloaded one more time and deliver winter's final knockout punch during the period Feb 27 - March 8. There remains the possibility of another winter weather event late next week, to round out the prediction of no full week of school from January 19 to March 8.

So my wife was right... when it is all said and done, more will have been said than was done. But I'l keep a close eye on things tonight in case we have to do another switcheroo.

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