Saturday, February 21, 2004

2/21 UPDATE:
"Gonna take you right into the danger zone..."

- Kenny Loggins, from the soundtrack of Top Gun

5:30 PM - Before we go into an analysis of the storm situation for Wicked Wednesday, let's recap for a moment the evolution of this forecast with an excerpt from when it was first mentioned on the site Monday 2 weeks ago. Then, later this evening I will do a preliminary overview of the storm, and revise that Sunday morning.

9:00 AM SAT 2/21
Here's a special love note for all you powderhounds out there who are clamoring to see snow, just a flake or two. I am in Central Pennsylvania this weekend, we have at least 2 feet on the ground, with light snow falling right now. The way this pattern is shaping up, Grandma Kaye (our daughter's maternal grandmother) may have a total of 3 or more feet out her window by mid-March.

I am working on the analysis for our potentially Wicked Wednesday Weather. Think I'll wait one more day before coming out of the gates full blast with the forecast. But suffice to say, if everything continues along the way it has been trending the past few days, we are headed right into the danger zone.

Drum roll please.........

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