Friday, February 27, 2004

"Getting closer... to the truth, but you're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to love."

- Robert Palmer

Maybe today's title should be "Tiptoe through the tulips" by Tiny Tim? Naaaa, we'll save that for when the tulips finally do make it out of the ground. That is, after the snow that's going to fall on them melts.

Whoa! Got your attention there...SNOW..... S-N-O-W. It is a fun little trick. You can make almost anyone look outside almost anytime of year simply by saying: "LOOK, it's snowing!" Even in July, try it sometime.

This coming week will play out as forecasted below in earlier posts.
For I-95 and Central PA: Awesome on Sunday, Monday. Rain Tuesday. Cooler temps start returning Wed-Thu-Fri. Rain Thursday-Friday.

I maintain my position that all areas covered by this forecast site will see at least one more snow event before the month of March ends. And it may be sooner rather than later... perhaps by next Sunday the 7th. Besides, you all knew that spring can't start THIS early, right? I remind you we are still under a CROCUS WATCH. So if any alert readers out there notice the crocuses starting to poke out by Monday, please post a comment to say where you live in relation to your nearest major city, and when you noticed the crocuses.

Meantime, I'm gonna have to face that I'm addicted to storms. I love storms, not the destruction and pain but the intense complexity of them. They are massive lab experiments being played out before millions of people. Thunderstorms, snowstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, solar storms, the Great Red Spot, you name it. And the battle lines are drawn now that winter and spring are duking it out for control of our weather. Evidence of the battle is simply... storms and lots of them, coming soon to a residential neighorhood near you.

So get some spring cleaning done this weekend. I'll be busy gardening... I mean working on the "honeydew" you know, honey do this, honey do that. Next post will be sometime Sunday when we take a closer look at the late week storm situation.

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