Friday, February 13, 2004


- Doctor Zhivago?

I only have a few minutes as I have several things going on this evening... but suffice to say... hold on to your seats. The computer models are really having a tough time trying to resolve the rapid warmup coming Saturday followed by a supercold invasion of arctic air. Meanwhile the southern stream is still going NUTS... just loaded with moisture. And now the weather service is HINTING as rain/snow Tuesday night, which is when we said it would originally happen in the first place. Check your NWS link to the left and click on the location nearest you to see what I mean.

I would like to err on the side of not hype-casting and say that the computer models are more advanced than they were in 1979, so it is likely they will catch this storm before it blows up.

But in honor of Valentine's Day... there could be a big snowstorm lurking out somewhere my love. I remind you that in 1979, 1983, 1993 and 1996... the forecast even 3 days before those huge storms ranged from partly cloudy to flurries. I am not kidding.

I especially liked a newspaper article I saw years later from the 1979 storm, where it wrote that a woman called the TV station and asked the weatherman to come to her house and shovel the 6 inches of "partly cloudy" off her driveway. Gosh let's hope that doesn't happen...remember most schools are out of snow days.

I have to do more research on this tonight so check back later in the weekend. Happy Friday!

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