Tuesday, February 3, 2004

- Gene Kelly

That was a long time ago for some of you young'uns. But that is the song all the kids must be chanting about now, while parents are muttering dirges. This was a tough forecast for everyone and a close call for the school districts. But give this storm time and you'll see why it was worth erring on the side of safety. In Dundalk, MD it is moderate rain, but the temp is just above freezing. We are on the extreme SE part of Baltimore County. The vast majority of the county is experiencing freezing rain and sleet, with snow in Hereford. In a two-hour delay, the high schoolers would not be arriving until 9:15, just when the secondary roads would have started to get ice-covered. The elementary kids would be arriving after 10:30, when conditions would still be icy for two-thirds of the county. So despite confusion as to why schools were closed, overall it was a good call.

As for Central PA... the forecast was dead on.. snow is heavy throughout Blair and Centre Counties, as they are expecting 6 to 9 inches total, as was predicted.


I doubt there will be a delay tomorrow morning for anyone along the I-95 corridor, except for Central PA, which may need some extra time to dig out. The high pressure settling in behind this storm is not as cold.. so got rain by 11 AM, and temps will not fall as far tonight as they did last night...I do not expect as much re-freezing.


The stage is being set for another repeat of sleet, freezing rain and snow starting early Friday morning. To be honest, it looks like a very similar arrangement as what we are experiencing right now. But temperatures will be a bit colder, so I expect a little more snow and ice, with a delayed but eventual changeover to rain.

Since BCPS has now used it's last snow day... you should expect the school systems to take a harder look at what they will do Friday morning.

The bad news with this next storm is that is it might end up being be a prolonged period of wintry precip. There are a multiple set of low pressure systems coming out of the southwest, into the plains and Gulf, and then a series of lows redeveloping lows along the east coast. As Don Rumsfeld would say.. this one might be a "long hard slog."

Again, because temperatures will hover around freezing, this will be a mixed bag of precip on Friday for DC/BAL/PHL that will likely change to rain but end as snow Friday night... and Saturday night. Then much colder air returns behind that storm with another storm set up taking shape for the middle and latter part of next week.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program... grading papers and feeding the baby!

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