Wednesday, February 18, 2004

"So you're saying there's a chance......?"

- Jim Carrey, from Dumb and Dumber

In the scene described, Jim Carrey asked the actress (not sure her name) the following:
" Whatdya think are the chances that a girl like you and guy like me.... could get together...?"

She replied, "about one in a million."

Today I wore the bag in class for a few minutes as is the usual tradition when my forecast is busted. A reassuring note regarding supervision to teachers... I cut holes in the bag and draw a frowny face on the front. So I can see the kids while I take attendance.

At least most of us in the public school system have a 4 day week so that takes the edge off your sNOw storm today.

However, I am going to make an early call that next week does look like something has the potential to deliver snow. Not too much now so don't go running around the school yelling "Foot's calling for a BLIZZARD!" Maybe a couple inches, maybe just flurries. But some snow at some point next week.

A sidenote comment from Mr. Huryk at the Dundalk Science department, who recommends the name of the site be changed to "Foot's Falsehoods."

That's all for today, now back to sports...

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