Thursday, March 11, 2004

"All quiet on the western front."

- Title of a reknowned novel about the trench warfare of WWI

A peaceful weekend setting in for most of you. A clipper system heading northeast on Friday will bring scattered snow in upstate PA, NY and New England. The city folk from Philly on south will not any of that. Behind the storm will be breezy conditions for everyone on the East coast. Those wind will slack on Saturday, leaving a wonderfully sunny day. Sunday will be warmer and less windy. Rain returns Monday for all of the 95 corridor.


Monday - Rain but mild. Highs around 60 south to low 50's north.

Tuesday - Clearing, cooler, mid 50's PA and MD.

Wednesday - Warmer, southwest winds kick in. Low 60's.

Thursday - Spring-a-lings rejoice as we approach 70 south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Friday - the warmth may hang on yet another day, but storm clouds are gathering.

For those of you reading this Friday... Happy Friday. Only 10 days left until Spring!

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