Monday, March 15, 2004


Since Mr. Peiser of the Dundalk Science department has decided to retire the fruit cup for the season, we had to resort to a plan B. Mrs. Foot and Jayla were witness to the un-peeling of a Del Monte Mixed Fruit Cup at 5:55 PM today.

The results?
BALTIMORE COUNTY SCHOOLS ARE ON TIME TOMORROW. The cup did not "splurt" out any juice, which is an grossly un-scientific indication that the ambient air pressure is high. Thus the storm will hold out for a later onset, in which case it will be primarily rain when it arrives in the Baltimore Metro area. I know the NWS has a winter weather advisory for northern Baltimore County, but I still think the onset will be too late to make a difference.

I also heard from the Marty Bass patrol that the codger called for 3-6 inches. And I thought I was marginally insane.

But then again, he and I have both been wrong before.... :)

To our friends above the Mason-Dixon will get socked with 3-6" of heavy wet snow. Check back after baby's bedtime (around 9 PM) for another update.

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