Tuesday, March 16, 2004

"You ain't nothin' but a hound-dog, cryin' all the time..."

- The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis

I'll be a lot of people south of the Mason-Dixon Line are cryin' this morning and will be doing so well into the morning hours. Especially all y'all in the Zone, where students may be sitting in class while it is snowing outside. However, our PA friends are rejoicing in their new-found winter splendor, or cryin' at the return of OMW (Old Man Winter).

The forecast is verifying for this morning in the Baltimore area, but alas, the fruit cup was right again. It does not appear any delay will occur for any Balto metro schools. Looking at the "Mid-Atlantic Radar", the rain/snow line is edging into the Hereford area at 5:45 AM, and will move south for a couple hours before retreating north. It is presently a snow/sleet/rain mix in Dundalk.

It does appear that the area districts are hedging their bets that enough warm air will hang on into the commuting hours. Either way, it will be a slippery ride in this morning. Wonder what happened to the 3-6" Marty Bass was calling for yesterday? Hmmmm.

And believe it or not....there is another round of this same situation heading our way for Thursday night and Friday. So spring is out there somewhere my love.

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