Wednesday, March 17, 2004

3/17 MORNING UPDATE: "Oh for the luck o' the Irish."

Some folks in Baltimore County, MD don't feel very lucky this morning as a water main break has left nearly 150,000 people without the wet stuff. Sorry gang. Now that's the kind of day that you need a delay.

However, we did luck out with parts of the forecast. Check out this site to compare my call of 3-6 inches in central PA and 5-8 inches in eastern PA against the results.

Maryland snowfall amounts ranged from less than an inch in the Baltimore metro area, 2" near the PA line, and 6" at Frostburg University in western Maryland. Also thanks to our trusty observer in the Hereford Zone, Ms. Williams. Fascinating how such a slight change in elevation can make the differentce between ice or no ice. However, a number of commuters to Dundalk High School reported a heavy burst of wet snow between 5:30 and 6:00 am, which was originally predicted.

New England and New England got slammed as expected.


Maryland: Rain coming Thursday night will mix with some snow before ending but nothing to be concerned about.

Pennsylvania: You are under the gun again as it will be primarily snow for you Thursday into Friday morning. Could see 1-3" in the Phila metro area. Isolated areas in Central PA could see 2-3" but this is not going to be a major storm.

But hey, at least the grass will be greener once the sun comes back out. And spring is only 3 DAYS AWAY. HOORAY!

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