Saturday, March 20, 2004

"We'll drink and dance with one hand free, and have the world so easily, though we'll be a sight to see, back in the high life again."

- Steve Winwood, The High Life

Now this is not a song about getting drunk and dancing like a maniac, it is a nice, energetic upbeat song about the happiness and peace that can come from just accepting your life and being happy with the way it is.

And I'm sure the Spring-a-lings are livin' life today. Bright sunshine, feeling warmer, you can just hear them dancing out there with one hand free. Because by the time you read this.... SPRING WILL HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED!

Congratulations to all for surviving through one of the longest stretches of snow in recent memory. Throughout the coverage area of this site (I-95, Central PA), our snowfalls began December 5, and lasted until March 18. In Central PA last year, the stretch of snow began October 30 and did not end until April 6. That's snow in 7 of the 12 months of the year!

The final word on the March 18-19 snowfall is located here for Central PA:

After a brief period of showers tonight and early tomorrow morning, next week looks to fabulous, with warming conditions each day and abundant sunshine. Yeeeehaw!

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