Sunday, March 28, 2004

"I see skies of blue, clouds of white. Bright blessed days, dark sacred nights. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world."

- Louie Armstrong

I'll bet the spring-a-lings were humming that song throughout the land today, as it was a wonderful day to be outside.

But starting tomorrow, you will change your tune some, and by mid week you'll probably be singing a dirge and wondering where the wonderful world of spring went.

This may be the only post this week, because here at the Foot compound we are heavy into final preparations for our trip. The other reason this will be the only post is the reality of what the weather will deliver the next 5-6 days.


There are two things I despise the most in spring time, and March is my least favorite month of all 12.
(1) Upper level cutoff lows with a polar vortex combo
(2) Stationary fronts that drag on and on bringing endless rain

For those who like sunny days, they are over for now as March will be going out like a lion. The atmosphere is set to deliver a deep upper level trough, and sliding into this valley will be a piece of the polar vortex. When this happens around the spring equinox, it means deteroriating weather with each passing day. The upper level becomes a whirling dervish above us, circulating the same clouds and rain around and around for several days, sometimes a week.

If we are fortunate, some monster high will charge in from Canada end of the week, throw this bad boy outta here, and the return flow on the high means improving conditons for the week of spring break. Sunday will have been the best day of the entire week. From here to next Sunday, everything will get worse each day... I mean lowering temps, increased rain and wind.

Just when it looks like things are clearing, another batch of grayness will appear on the horizon and return the doom and gloom. I am telling you this now so you can at least know and understand why the weather will be so unpleasant this week.

The silver lining is that the pattern looks to do a "spring break" in that it will crack by Sunday.

In closing, to cement in your mind just how bizarre the weather has been, a rare hurricane made landfall in Brazil today. This has only happened 3 times in the past 100 years. Tropical systems generally do not form in the southern hemisphere Atlantic, as the upper level wind systems are not favorable most of the time. Does it portend anything for our hurricane season? We shall see...

My British Columbia crew will be departing early Saturday morning 4/3, and returning Friday night 4/9. During that period, daily posts will be made on the trip website: to update our friends back home on the trip's progress.

Enjoy your holiday, sleep in and get ready for tornado and hurricane season!

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