Sunday, March 7, 2004

"When you get caught between the Moon and New York City, I know it's crazy, but it's true...the best that you can do is fall in love..."

- Christopher Cross, from the Soundtrack of "Arthur"

That's probably where you feel like you are tonight. Our weather is caught somewhere between the Moon and NYC.. Is it going to be rain, a thunderstorm, snow, thundersnow, all of the above, none of the above.

The best that you can do is fall (out) of love with the complexity of March weather. This is the battleground month. This is where they got the idea for March madness before basketballs were even invented. I've seen 80 F in March some years, and 18 inches of snow fall in 6 hours other years. My relatives this weekend commented on one March where they witnessed a thunderstorm in Boston turn into 14 inches of snow.

And this weekend, weather turned tragic in the Baltimore harbor as you all know. Despite the cold waters and suddenness of the water taxi overturning, outcome, it is fortunate that 21 people did survive. Our thoughts and prayers to the families of those who just taking the water taxi on a Saturday afternoon.

Weather is one of those constants in the universe that right or wrong, will treat everyone equally with no regard for age, race or income level. It can be fascinating and horrifying in the same breath. But the lesson for us all to remember is that it is good to be humbled every now and then by a force no amount of money or power in the world can control.


I maintain my position that at least ONE crocus in Baltimore County will have snow on it before Wednesday is over.

The Philly suburbs, Central PA, the mountains and extreme northern areas of Frederick, Carroll, Balitmore, Harford, Cecil counties will see some wet snow mixed in at the tail end of this front passing through Sunday night. Or you might see some flurries Monday morning.

Baltimore metro and Philly metro areas will see only rain. Then gradual clearing Monday with scattered flurries in PA and sprinkles in MD. Another clipper drops south on Tuesday. We'll see what the fruit cup says about that one.


Monday - Cold, windy, wet fields. Highs not cracking 45.

Tuesday - Cold, windy but drier. Highs low 40's

Wednesday - A little warmer, AM flurries then near 50 by practice time. Fields dry by then.

Thursday - Mild, less wind, dry fields. High around 50.

Friday - Best day of the week. Sunny, mild. Highs mid 50's.


I have decided to take a leap of faith and jinx the rest of March for this group. While I see on the horizon another one of these wet snow/rain mixed deals coming down the road in 7 days, I have put away my shovel.

I am doing this only to placate the spring-a-lings, who were again dancing in the streets this afternoon at the glorious weather here in Baltimore Sunday. I am admitting that yes, winter is probably over.

However, you know as well as I that Murphy's Law states if I keep my shovels out, it will not snow. If I put the shovels away, especially like way downstairs in a hard-to-reach place, it will snow again. Believe it or not, the forecast models are calling for couple days of daytime rain followed by nighttime snow... when else, but MARCH 21. I am not making this up.

We'll give the fruit cup a crack at bat for that one.

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