Tuesday, May 4, 2004

5/4 EVENING COMMENT: "Looks like we've made it...."
- Barry Manilow

Yes, that takes some of you back a few years I'm sure.

What I'm referring to is the weather for the week ahead and into the weekend. (Hmm.. big surprise there, since this is a weather forecast site.)

The front has passed, the High pressure has arrived, and this is why I love this time of year:
- Each day is getting a little warmer (theoretically)
- Each day there is a little more light (later sunset, earlier sunrise)
- Each day features a little more green, flowers, etc.
- Each day is one more closer to summer vacation!

SO we are in for another nice stretch of good days... I think all the way through the weekend. Yes, some scattered showers and thunderstorms may interrupt some on Saturday, but the warmth will counteract any rain that falls.

Wednesday to Friday: Warmer, less wind, more sun. Highs near 80 by Friday in Baltimore, in the 70's in PA. No rain in sight.

Saturday to Monday: Still warm Sat and Sun until the next front passes. As you would expect the heat will build a little each day, as will the humidity. So I think we will see low 80's all the way through to and including Monday. However, I don't think we'll see a return to the sticking, wring-out-your-shirt humidity we say last week. This is a cooler, drier pattern, so it will take longer for the high to "moderate" and start pumping that Gulf/Atlantic moisture in.

Things will deteroriate by Wednesday, and possibly another vigorous cold front will smash on through. But you know what is waiting on the other side of it... Another round of sunny weather!

So enjoy this time of year, cause it looks like so far we made it without the occurance of any long-drawn out wet, rainy weather produced by stationary fronts.

Next post will be early next week as we see if this pattern will hold on or be replaced by something else.

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