Thursday, August 19, 2004


Our hopes and dreams came true for Earl... as the system that we originally thought would threaten the Gulf Coast late this week has dissipated into a few thunderstorms. Praise the Lord.

Danielle is barely a tropical storm in the East Central Atlantic.

The rest of the tropics have quieted down nicely. I guess all that latent heat built up since the start of summer has also dissipated for now.

I must caution though, that the most historically active period for destructive storms occurs from now until late September. The historical peak of the season is September 10, which is the date that now infamous Isabel originally formed off the coast of Africa.

The survivors of Charley in Florida are facing a hugely daunting task of cleanup and restoring their lives. It bugs me to no end when the media says something like, "there are signs that life is slowly returning to normal." If the people who wrote these headlines and comments actually lived through a storm, they would know that life WILL NEVER return to normal for some of these people. Charley is now A PART OF their life, just like many of us are still dealing with the aftermath and consequences of Isabel. The phrase "returning to normal" implies that you can somehow rework your life so that it is just like it was before the storm.

Instead, it is more valuable to accept the lessons taught by Mother Nature in the storm, and taken those lessons to heart. Difficult as it is to say, part of trying to recover from a storm of this magnitude is to allow the storm to become a permanent part of your life. Only then, will you be better prepared the next time a major hurricane comes calling.

And unfortunately for us who live near the water, another storm will come again someday.

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