Saturday, August 14, 2004


As of 11:00 AM, the system is making landfall near Myrtle Beach, SC and projected to move north through Raleigh, to just west of Norfolk, crossing the bay near Smith Point and into Del-Mar-Va early this evening.

Hurricane Warnings are posted to the NC/VA border. Tropical Storm Warnings extend all the way up the coast, including the Bay and surrounding areas, and on the Atlantic coast to Sandy Hook, NJ.

Expect conditions to worsen as the day progresses. Heavy rain and strong winds will affect the entire DC-BAL metro areas by nightfall. The southern bay areas will experience tropical storm force winds and tidal surges of 2-4 feet.

The storm will clear the area by midnight Saturday, and Sunday should be clear though a stiff north wind will cool the air some.


We are watching two systems in the tropics. What will become Tropical Storm Earl will follow a path similar to Charley and be near Jamaica by Tuesday. Danielle may just spin around in the eastern Atlantic.

It may be that the boys have it out for the coast, whereas the girls are playing hard to get.

The next update will be Saturday night or Sunday morning.

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