Tuesday, December 7, 2004


I know you are well-trained to be skeptical of long range computer model projections. But just for a moment, isn't it fun to dream that maybe everything will be coming up roses for those of us who would love to see snow and lots of it for Christmas?

This week will feel nothing like winter or December, with daytime highs on Thursday flirting above 60 for the I-95 corridor, and mid 50's in interior Pennsylvania. But do not be hoodwinked by this mini-heat wave... because Tom Hanks is not far behind with a fully loaded Polar Express ready to charge south.

There is still the possibility that our weekend storms on Saturday will end as snow, but after the 13th, most of the nation east of the Mississippi will plunge into a super deep freeze that may make maps like the one above a strong possibility heading into Christmas.

Comparisons for the old timers? Remember 89... the year with snow at Thanksgiving, then the bitterly cold December to follow. Or how about Xmas 83, when it was 0 degrees for a high at my house in Philadelphia, or maybe the infamously cold winters of 76-77 and 63-64? All those Decembers started out warm, and then dove off the deep end. So get ready to go swimming.

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