Sunday, December 5, 2004


Inflow of Pacific heat and moisture from recurving Typhoon will douse hopes of eastern powderhounds, for a few more days.

Unforunately, I will have to back off the earlier claim of the first big snowstorm this coming Friday, December 10. While it originally looked as though the elements were falling into place, this is not in the cards right now due to the influence of the typhoon which recently hit Taiwan.

The combination of a high pressure ridge off the Southeast coast, the Alaskan Low, and a high pressure ridge developing over S. California will keep a strong westerly flow of Pacific moisture into the western 2/3rd of the country until Friday.

That means what would have been snow on Friday is being replaced with highs which may approach 60 starting on Wednesday. But silver lining is that the warmer it is now, the much colder it will be later... so be patient, help is on the way. It does appear the tide will shift significantly in favor of powderhounds by Saturday and Sunday.

While we will have abundant sunshine and blue skies Wed and Thu, by Saturday night, there may be scattered snow showers and Sunday AM temps in the 20's. That will be the start of a very long period of dramatically colder weather and a parade of flirtatious storms.

It is going to be a changeable situation until we settle into a definite winter pattern. So check here first if you want the final word in weather.

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