Wednesday, December 22, 2004


The "You" in this case is snow on the ground Christmas morning. This is a Thursday morning update to the roundup for all my customers out there, from south to north. This is a combination of model interpretation and my own realistic assessment.

- Deep in the heart of Texas: Yes Brownsville, your new name will be Whitesville for a day. This'll be the first White Christmas for you since, oh, probably the last ice age. Snow on the palm trees, now there's a sight I would pay real money to see. Figures that one of the SOUTHERNMOST cities in the U.S. gets snow on Christmas. I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT, dangnabbit.

- New Orleans: Yes, Virginia, your name should have been Louisiana, because rain changing to sleet and snow is on the way for your area Christmas eve. First time since 2002 you'll see snow falling out of the sky in the Big Easy. Go dry some water from the marshes 'cause you'll need road salt.

- Florida panhandle: First hurricanes, then tornadoes, then hard freeze, now snow and sleet? Geez Santa, I thought you only put coal in the stocking on just one night, not every night.

- central Alabama: I am going out on a limb here, but I believe the cold air to your north and the system to the south will be close enough for leftover flurries Friday or Saturday. The Bourbon street storm will keep to itself south of you.

- South Carolina: You'll be sideswiped by a mini-coastal Low Friday night into Saturday, but the odds snowfall are low. Perhaps some flurries in the mountains as the cold air charges southeast behind the Ohio valley snowstorm.

- Virginia: Definitely some light snow in the mountains as the front sweeps by Friday morning. Along the coast, rain for the parade.

- central Maryland: Heavy rain Thursday gives way to much colder Friday with flurries, and super cold Saturday. What you see now is what you'll have on the ground Xmas morning. Sorry. Some lake effect in the mountains, but don't hold up hope for snow in Myersville, downsloping will likely evaporate any leftover moisture. Metro Baltimore and DC, natta, zilch, el numero zippo on snow for you Christmas. Okay, I don't have to rub it in.

- Ohio Valley: You win the Super SnowBowl, with 12-20 inches on the ground from the current storm raging. These accumulations will cover most of Ohio, Indiana, and pieces of western PA. After that, frigidly cold. Lows Xmas morning WAY BELOW ZERO.

- central PA: Heavy rain Thursday turning into snow showers at night, with left over light snow Friday, just so you can say. " Hey, I saw on Christmas Eve" after the Altoona church service. No weather problems for Grandma and Grandpa if they want to travel on Friday. Any standing water will have dried up or drained off by the time the cold air sweeps in.

- eastern PA: Some leftover flurries or a touch of light snow as the front passes. Hint of a coastal, but will probably be confined to southeast only.

- I95 corridor to NYC: Rain Thursday, then colder with flurries Friday, clearing and very cold Saturday. Highs not breaking 30, lows in teens to upper single digits in suburbs. Hold on to the shopping bags when leaving King of Prussia, or you'll have unintended recipients of those gifts. Warning to my father: Stay out of the proposal/package lane Friday.

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