Thursday, December 23, 2004


A series of unfortunate events will Grinch out all hope for snow in the Northeast corridor this Christmas. The real story will be the supermaxi cold, and the new ice age that's been unleased in the Ohio Valley. Congratulations Dayton, you've just set your all-time record for most snow in one storm ever in record-keeping. Those of us east of Ohio (including MD, PA, NJ, VA, DE) will feel the effects of this near super-storm because of the lingering snow cover out there. Why? Notice the temperature chart for Christmas morning.

Due to the reflectivity of snowcover, the high pressure system overhead will cool to match the lack of energy at the surface. Thus the cold will get more extreme with each passing day. Friday morning, the Arctic front sweeps to the east coast, and you'll see temps drop 30 degrees, from near 60 today. Dayton will see a low of -12 to -15 Saturday, and the cold will spread out from there, as you can see the influence of the snowcover in central Ohio on the temperature map.

Overall, this will be is the coldest Christmas for most of the nation since 1989.

As for a White Christmas, keep dreaming. Unfortunately that the only place it will exist this year. The rule is: WYHNOTGIWYG. What you have now on the ground is what you get. Blame the Arctic air... it has simply come too far south and too fast, overwhelming the southern subtropical jet in such a way as to keep it mostly offshore. The polar and subtropical jets have to "phase" for a good whopping east coast snowstorm, and there's NO sign of that happening anytime in the next 2-3 weeks.

The only good news for weeping Powderhounds is this great website I found about snow. It's the best I can do for you until the atmosphere gets a little more cooperative.

In closing... I updated the Blue Christmas Roundup in the previous post. Have a great holiday, get some sleep, and I'll check back in with you late in the weekend to see who won the "How Cold Was It At Your House Christmas Morning?" Contest!

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