Sunday, December 19, 2004


Last update of the evening. Reports coming in from many areas of light to moderate, wind-driven snow and slick roads. The amount of snow is not really the issue, it's:

Will the combination of bitter cold temperatures, wind chills near zero, winds of 25-35 mph and gusts to 40, and slick roads with a glaze of ice.... be enough to delay schools Monday morning? I think so.

Either way you slice it, Monday morning's commute is going to be unpleasant for anyone, whether they are waiting for the bus, walking to school, driving a long distance or riding a bike. So get to bed early. As for me, I am going to bed soon and dream about a "Series of Fortunate Events" to which I hope to awaken, and be delightfully surprised by what I find on the TV in the morning. Next update at 5:30 AM.

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