Sunday, January 30, 2005

give a little bit of your love to me. - Supertramp

That's what all us powderhounds here in the Mid-Atlantic are singing today, as we continue to hope that it just keeps piling up. Storm 1A faded as planned in West Virginia, and Storm 1B is off the North Carolina coast. It appears to be moving out to sea, but the radar indicates snow seems to end, and then redevelop on the back side near Frederick County, MD. We just want it to give a little bit, so there's enough to go out with the baby and make our first snowman!
This picture is from this morning on my street in Dundalk, MD...2.5 inches here out of 3 predicted, which is an 83% and a B for the hometown storm grade.

Sunday morning, the 2-day NAO observations showed a trend back toward more negative. That could signal trouble in the Northwest Atlantic later this week, as most of the computer models now show Storm 1B retrograding back toward New England later this week. Will it be a surprise snowstorm? Doubtful, because after the Jan 22-23 Blizzard, I think all eyes are more tuned to any potential for a blue bandwagon storm. The Taunton, MA NWS office is keeping a close eye on this, read their Forecast Discussion for details. Until I update later tonight, check out the model links on the right (no, they're not magazine models) to get a sense of what computer are indicating for the next set of events later this week.

I have to do some grading, in the hopes that if I do my schoolwork now, we'll have a delay tomorrow. Trying to second guess Murphy's Law there. If I don't do my work, then school will open EARLIER instead of on time. Later today, a final wrapup on the storm when it is over, what we learned and what is in store for the next 2 weeks.

Hoping for some re-freezing tonight, but NOT for those of you who have to drive in it anyway.

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