Saturday, January 22, 2005


That is the headline of the day from my friend Mike Arles, who make an almost 8 hour trip through the southern part of the storm.. Williamsburg, VA to Philadelphia. But Mike is home safe now, thankfully.

I only have a few minutes at this point, and will do a quick roundup of the major issues right now, then a larger post this evening. I would like to write more but it costs $ to do that at a ski resort. And we have super great lake effect right now so I want to get back out and make some fresh tracks of my own:

STORM ROUNDUP (from Southwest to Northeast)

Pittsburgh/Allegheny Mountains/Altoona-State College
The worst may be over, accumulations fell in the lower range, closer to 6-8 than 12. Lake effect will add to that in the traditional snowbelts areas, pushing their totals another 1-2 inches higher.

South Central PA- Central Maryland-Baltimore Metro
Hopefully the 8-12" call was not too far off the mark. I heard 7 inches in Dundalk, and a shortwave swinging southeast might do a little surprise number on the heels of the secondary low. Big problems with blowing and drifting snow Sunday and Monday. NO SCHOOL Monday for anyone in the Baltimore Metro area. The reason I will explain later, but trust me on this. If you get any more surprise snow, there's a 2-hour delay Tuesday or possibly even closed.

Philadelphia Metro
9" in suburbs, probably more in the city. May fall short of the 12-15" call, but there is still wraparound possibility, and the shortwave. Winds and blowing snow tonight and Sunday may reach Blizzard Watch criteria. Power outages likely. The game will go on as scheduled. School?
At least a 2-hour delay for most Phila metro schools

New York City
Here's aiming big guns aiming at you, baby. Too many details right now, but the basics are:
- power outages, winds 35 mph plus and snowfall rates of 2-3" per hour in the next few hours until early Sunday. Impossible for crews to do anything about the snow until late Sunday. NYC will resemble scenes from Day After Tomorrow, at least in appearance. City will be pretty much shut down for 6-12 hours. Total snow... 10-15 in city, 15-25 along the Island, 25+ inland areas north of Long Island.

Here's aiming MONSTER BIG GUNS.. YOU ARE THE BIG KAHUNA. SAY GOODBYE TO FEB 1978, YOU WILL BREAK YOUR RECORD. It is not inconceivable to hear 30" reports in downtown. These winds mean business, gusts to storm force (55mph+). They might use Fanuiel Hall (sp? I'm tired) for scenes in Day After Tomorrow II. Snowfall rates 3-4" an hour overnight Sunday. Thundersnow and Lightning due to excessive lift rates. I am not making this up. Waves 5-10 feet in the harbour. Massive power outages and collapsed roofs from weight of snow. Significant threat to safety of elderly who may not be accessible for days. (Did you check in on Grandmother yet?) . Snow ratios 30:1, schools closed for the entire week. I am pinching myself. Now I pinched the person next to me. Am I really writing this?

Although a massive, crippling storm like this is a serious threat to health and safety, if you take the necessary precautions to protect your family, it can be the most significant event of your life. The Blizzard of 83 in Philly is the catalyst that got me into weather. Ask my mom, she's the one who posted earlier today.

So much more to write about, so little time. The slopes beckon. You Beantown guys stay safe, take some pictures, I want to hear about snowfall rates and wind speeds, the whole kitchen sink and more. You keep commenting until your fingers hurt, because hundreds and possibly thousands of fellow powderhounds are reading what you write. In closing..

BOSTON... YOU ARE NOT JUST THE BOMB... YOU ARE THE THERMONUCLEAR BOMB. From this moment forward, you guys will be in the Foot's Forecast Hall of Fame, and I will do specific projections for your area just like I do for my area. You're earned this badge of courage.

Gotta go... next post late tonight.

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