Thursday, March 3, 2005


Dundalk, MD...Thursday, February 24, 2005

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I decided that once a big storm forecast of mine verified fairly well, I would take a moment to say hello on a personal level to everyone out there who have been following this site. This is not an ego trip or anything of the sort, but rather to share in the fun of good snow with you all... and my daughter. She loves the snow, and points to it all the time. She is just now learning to walk in it, is willing to touch it with her hands, and when Mommy or I ask..."What's IS that out there?" She points with her little index finger in the cute way little toddlers do, and says.... " (silent s) NOOW."

The past week has been great fun, forecasting the storm, watching it develop, having time off with family to enjoy it...and reading all your posts, thought-provoking insight and entertaining commentary on the event. Now we enter the final phase of winter, which might just deliver ONE more big storm to delight powderhounds of all ages. I am glad that you had a chance to enjoy it all with us. You could now say that snowstorms help you get to know your neighbors better as well as your internet neighbors.

So now you know the real Mr. Foot. I was a little sheepish looking in this picture and my daughter does not seem too thrilled. This is because it was the 4th or 5th picture Mommy had attempted. Little Foot was too enthralled with the snow to smile for the camera! Her and I had already spent about 20 minute outside the library playing with the snowflakes, and she had found a little pond of water and was marching in it. The wind was whipping pretty fierce, the snow was coming down in buckets, and she was in her own little world stamping on the water. Kind of reminds you of her Father. As loyal reader NickyDonuts on our comments site pointed out..."It's charming how many adults relate to large snowstorms through the experiences of their kids, and vice versa." I couldn't agree more.


I see on the morning roundup of weather forecasts and discussions that the trend for our TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY STORM is leaning towards a colder solution. To be honest, I have not looked at the NAM yet, but my guess is it will probably trend towards the more snow/rain mix advertised by the GFS sometime later. Accuweather does the best work of anyone in the business of creating easy to understand graphics that put the big picture in perspective. That would be a fun job.

There are no changes to the overall breakdown of the next 7 days as explained in Wednesday's post. Several clippers come across the Northeast from varying directions heading in varying directions. I agree with the GFS that Monday SHOULD start out as rain for much of the Mid-Atlantic. The March 1888 storm did the same thing. This does not mean we will see a repeat of THAT, rather to point out, as Henry Margusity of Accuweather said earlier this winter: "Some of the best snowstorms first started out as rain."

CHALKTALK FORECAST FOR ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: You know the drill, it's the parking lot/gym/hall juggling game for at least the next 7 days and probably longer. I will be posting a picture of lacrosse practice at my school from this coming afternoon so everyone else knows what we're talking about.

WHAT'S THIS ABOUT A REPEAT OF MARCH 1993? Some of the weather discussion boards, meteorologists, and weather enthusiasts around the country have been hinting or hyping the idea that since it's been 12 years, we are due for another March Blockbuster. The pattern certainly suggests it is possible, but you know the routine... "all the right elements have to come together to produce a large....etc, etc." In the next few days, I will do a brief overview of whether or not a repeat of that memorable 93 storm is in the offing. There is a great website that features satellite imagery of that storm, I think it is in my links below somewhere. Check back later and I'll dig that out for you, it is fun to read and remember.


Julee said...

You're okay ;) but your DAUGHTER is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for giving us a glimpse of "that man behind the curtain!"
Interesting to see that you have NO fingerprints due to excessive blogging.

NickyDonuts said...

Hey Papa Foot!

Cool picture. It's charming how many adults relate to large snowstorms through the experiences of their kids, and vice versa. One of my fondest and strongest memories as a child is the great mid-Atlantic Christmas storm of 1969. We lived in Scaggsville, MD at the time. It was a time of snow, Christmas happiness, relatives from NC visiting etc. Most of all, I remember the relaxed, goofy silliness of Mom and Dad playing in the snow with their four kids and my cousins.

Fast forward 36 years and you have the following bit of kid-centerd goofiness I e-mailed to my colleagues and family in the middle of last Thursday's storm:

-----Original Message-----
From: Donuts, Nicky
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2005 10:46 AM
To: Friends
Subject: SNOREP ONE from Woodbridge, VA

Pretty much a snow of biblical proportions for this winter. Got about 5 inches so far on the fantail of S.S. Donuts and it's still thumping us. All of the kidz donned exposure suits and abandoned ship. I'll stay here on the bridge guarding the coffee mess as long as I can.


-----Original Message-----
From: Donuts, Nicky
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2005 3:03 PM
To: Friends
Subject: SNOREP TWO from Woodbridge, VA

The fantail of S.S. Donuts is covered by 6+ inches of snow and a sleet-induced layer of ice.

In the "Your Problem is My Opportunity" department," a newly incorporated snow removal enterprise established by future environmental services moguls Nick and Alex (5 and 10 yrs old, respectively) netted a handsome profit of $10 for services rendered to a grateful client that lives just down the hill from their somewhat messy response hangar.



Foot's Forecast said...

Thanks Julee, I looked at my fingers this morning and WOW! you are right. Guess that means police can't use evidence against me if a forecast really busts.

NickyD..I share your enthusiasm and it is funny you would show me those emails as I used to send similar kinds of things to family before I did this site. They are grateful now not to be inundated with storm alert emails! But you are welcome to post as many funny stories and anecdotes here as you like forever.

Foot's Forecast said...

Hey Julee and TB...I can't believe you all stayed up SO late Monday night. I would have been comatose had I been up to 2:45 yikes. That wasn't because some guy on the internet told you there'd be no school, was it?

Terpboy said...

No, I had crashed about 2300, NEVER wanting to gamble with sleep when it comes to BCPS calling school.

It's a long, boring story as to while I was I'll make it short and boring.

There's a med that I must take forever that in recent years has had so many time constraints put on it concerning food, no food, and other meds, that I gave up...set an alarm for 0330..take the meds, and go crash.

I know it sounds nuts, but its made my life easier.

Two quick reviews this AM have DT and Cosgrove calling for rain next's hoping that they are wrong!


Plus I get to blog with cool people like julee...

Karen said...

Very nice pic, Mr. Foot. Thanks for sharing. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!

Frank said...

Nice pictures! Seems like so far the NY forecasts are just saying that next week will be active and that we may be in for some sort of storm. It is still several days away, so I really don't expect to hear much more about the storms until Saturday. Here's to one more big one!

E.H. Boston said...

Hey. Nice pictures...hopefully it is not the last snowfall she sees this 04-05 winter.

NWS has thrown a chance of snow in for next week, says it should only be an Advisory or marginal Winter Storm Warning type of event. Baseball is finally back on TV! The Red Sox are playing the Twins at 7, already set the tv to remind me.

Winter is coming to a close, sadly. I know you said to discredit the Accu 15 day forecast, but it is still good picking up trends and at the end of it, it is projecting highs to be in the mid 50's to around 60 degrees in Boston in 2 WEEKS. Moral of the story: enjoy any snow we get the next week or two. Bye.

Hannah said...

Mr.Foot, your daughter is absolutely adorable!!!

Andy, Southern York County PA said...

Mr Foot,

Never thought that you would be the kind to wear a pink coat. Anyway, who is that guy holding you?

Ok, so we at least have a shot of winter in the next two weeks, and trust me I'll take what I can get! After about the 20th, I too become a SPRINGALING, as I look forward to grill and beach weather, as well as longer days.

Julee said...

Oh Mr. Foot, staying up is EASY (I'm a NOPH--Night Owl PowderHound). Getting up is PAINFUL! That's for the EBPH's (Early Bird PowderHounds).
Plus I never know when you might notice a SURPRISE snowstorm headed our way. I need to be informed!
Just heard about a "very active weather pattern headed our way" on WBAL. Yay!!!!

YOD said...

Fellow Bloggers and fans of FF

yod reporting in after a very cold day spent in York, PA.

I'll claim a tiny bit of credit for that cute little girl, my first grandaughter. she looks like me but she has hair. I used to have hair but the weather got to mine!

Thanks for all the fun comments. I enjoy seeing so many weatherheads having fun with My # 1 forecaster!

Katiehum said...

So nice to see Jayla again! PLEASE tell Dana to bring her by DMS when she gets a chance! I haven't seen her in ages!


Candy said...

HELLO! You are the two most adorable weather people I've ever seen!