Friday, May 20, 2005


SST 5-19

Granted that Hurricane Adrian is a Pacific storm, but it is the first of it's kind in recorded history to strike El Salvador, packing 85 mph winds. Read the full story on MSNBC. It's remnants will leak into the southern Caribbean, where you can plainly see that ocean surface temperatures are much above normal. This is an unusual start to what I believe will be another suspense-filled, unusual season of hurricanes that will surprise us at every turn.

Who is to say that the remnants of Adrian WON'T redevelop? Remember Ivan, which was written off after charging across the Southeast and out the Del-Mar-Va. It cycled back around across Florida, and became a tropical storm again in the Gulf of Mexico!

Other big weather news is of course NOAA's hurricane forecast for an above-normal season of activity, and the pending legislation in Congress which would limit online access of the NWS data.

My hurricane forecast is nearly ready for release. I hope to post it this weekend. In the meantime, compare the current SST map above with the one from early May....notice the differences?

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