Saturday, July 2, 2005


End of Innocence

Two systems of note are churning through different parts of the Atlantic. The first is located south of Cuba today, and has been undergoing some southwest shear for a couple days. However, the system appears to have been holding together well, and is expected to enter the southern Gulf by late in the weekend.

The second system is a series of waves departing the west African coast. It would be unusual to have a Cape Verde system develop in early July. Rather computer models show this system or a reorganized version of it reaching the lower Caribbean by the middle of next week, and developing into a "nameable" tropical cyclone by Thursday.

Either system has the potential to become the next named storm. This could be the beginning of the second phase of the season.. with landfall in the Gulf Coast or SE Atlantic Coast, and the end of an mostly innocent summer so far. Interestingly enough, the last time TWO named storms formed in June (Adrian, Bret) in the Atlantic basin was 1986. So already the 2005 season has made a name for itself.

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E. H. Boston said...

Great to be back and comment. The summer fun is here with now two tropical storms: Cindy and Dennis. Good luck all Gulf coast residents...nice to have the comments back Mr. Foot.