Monday, August 29, 2005


Katrina 13
Although Katrina did not make the direct hit on New Orleans proper as many feared, this will be recorded as the most costly natural disaster and have the most long term effects of any storm in modern times. The extent of human suffering and logistical coordination may eclipse anything we have seen in our lifetime.


Katrina 12
This is a small collection of pictures from Katrina damage on Monday, August 29. As more news reports come in and a full day of daylight permits fly-overs, it will become more clear that the scope of damage from New Orleans to Biloxi to Gulfport and other areas is going to far exceed initial estimates we've heard on the news.


Katrina 11
This picture of the Red Cross truck says it all. You know, I'm overwhelmed, and I'm not even in the storm. There is so much damage, so many situations, destruction and continued danger to so many people that I think I've gone numb from media saturation. I have been reading many news reports, message boards, blogs and other sites today to sift through the clutter and try to present a straight-forward summary of what is going on. I will post that Tuesday morning.


Terpboy said...

This is not meant to be trite, as the people of the Gulf Coast were hit, and hit hard, but all of us who know a little weather are well aware that for NO, it could have been much, much worse.

Many of us gave to Tsunamis Relief...... now is the time to help out our people down South.

Julee said...

The aftermath IS unfathomable. Not just property damage but health concerns. Hard to process everything.

My sister is scheduled to go to a medical convention in New Orleans in November. The convention should draw about 31,000 people. Do you think there is ANY chance that will go on as planned? I don't.
The sad fact is, they could use the money that the convention woudl bring, but I can't imagine that the city will be put back together by then.

E.H. Boston said...

Mr. Foot:

Do you see a hurricane Cat 2-4, hitting the EAST COAST and cause havic in any of our big cities like New York or Boston?

Is your MID SEPT---MID OCT time period still alive for "hits" on the east coast?

Foot's Forecast said...

Julee... sorry but your sister can forget the convention. As I am reporting in an update for tonight, New Orleans will essentially be a "non-functioning city" for several months to come. There is no drinking water, no power, no fuel, no food delivery, no medical services except for extreme emergencies (such as in Tulane University itself had to be evacuated). Two or more levees are breached, the water won't stop rising, there are tens of thousands of homes flooded with an untold number of people trapped in those homes. In that water is leaking gas, antifreeze, heavy chemicals (even from kitchen cleaning supplies!), sewage, decomposing animals, bodies, snakes, alligators, oil, debris, electrical lines...the list is endless. If this is not the worse case scenario I don't know what is. Compounding the problem is that so many roads are flooded and bridges destroyed that supplies will have to be flown in by helicopter because both airports are underwater, without fuel for planes and have no power.

And this is the short list. So you can see, this IS the nightmare scenario everyone talked about, just that is it happening more slowly than we expected.

EH... I am very concerned that we have 2 solid months to go for active systems, and even in November, especially in the Gulf you can have bad storms. If there is ONE MORE hurricane strike or flooding tropical storm on the U.S. THIS SEASON, it will surpass the ability of the U.S. government to manage it and we will be charting new territory in how to handle multiple major disaster areas.

Foot's Forecast said...

Bottom line.... living on planet Earth can be a dangerous proposition at times.

James Shannon said...

Hey all,

Just a note in case you've seen the devastation and want to help. Relief agencies need money more than anything else, so here are a few that are taking donations: (Habitat for Humanity)

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