Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Whether it is a cold, raw rain.. or strong gusts of wind, or the season's first snow...Wilma is the main weather maker for the entire eastern third of the U.S. today. Thankfully she will not make a third landfall in North America, however the side effects are still a raw deal for millions. It is interesting to consider that a departing hurricane would be responsible for the first snow of the season along the PA/WV border and in parts of central Pennsylvania. If there is any moisture leftover tonight, I expect that cold air draining south from Canada in the wake of this storm will changeover any rain to snow in many areas of upstate PA and NY. I believe Wilma and her preceding unnamed tropical monsoon makers are giving us a first glance at what the winter storm track may bring. For powderhounds it may be a delight, for educators hoping for another early end to the school year, it may be a drag.

Wilma 3

Wilma continues to confound computer model predictions, as she is still a strong Category 3 moving away. Makes you wonder what would have happened had she recurved into New England or the Mid-Atlantic. Earlier in the month, I did hint at the possibility of a "Hazel" like situation developing, with a late season major hurricane riding the East Coast. I'm just glad that forecast did not come true. Let's hope for everyone's sake and sanity that this will have been the last blast of the 2005 hurricane season, and nature will let us go quietly into the night... and the snow season.

Wilma 2


Wilma 2
Infrared satellite photo of Wilma captured at 7:45 PM on Sunday.


Mr.B said...

Hi Mr. Foot how have you been? Tropical depression 26 just formed. Whens you winter forecast coming out? I think its going to be a good one.

E.H. how was that Nor' Easter?

E.H. Boston said...

SATURDAY SNOW IN BOSTON...up to 3", according to Accuweather.com.


Nbcweatherman said...

Actually move to Johnstown,PA i live about 30min from Johnstown and schools were closed and they got 6-12" of snow from the first snowstorm of the season. Power outages were a problem from the heavy wet snow.

Rocket said...

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