Saturday, December 10, 2005


Dec 2D

15.1 Inches in Concord, NH as a reminder of why this powderhound just loves snow. Maybe not the "clearing off the car" bit, but there's something special about being taken captive by Mother Nature for a few hours in a big snowstorm. Neither the richest nor the most powerful person in the world can do anything about it, we're all in it together, so the best solution is to just revel in the beauty and enjoy the free time that some of us get when you see this out your window. I know I did, and in a few minutes I'm going out to do some more reveling "in it" with my daughter...literally. Credit for this photo goes to a meteorologist who posted it on the Eastern US Weather Forums, a great source of wide-ranging discussion on every aspect of weather analysis you could possibly imagine. I don't post on this forum, I just read it occasionally for reference and entertainment!


Dec 3A
The pattern currently dominating U.S. weather is likely to produce one or two more storms, but they may not produce as much snow for the Northeast Corridor as some of us would like. At least we can enjoy the pre-storm analysis paralysis (or paranalysis for short). The first GFS incantation of the next storm looks to be a blase drifter to the East Coast with intermittent snows. For the Thursday 12/15 period, other models show a Great Lakes cutter, and still others point to an Appalachians runner. Let the speculation games begin!


Andy, Southern York County PA said...

Next system by most reports seems to be a double low situation where there will be more warm air advection changing snow to freezing rain than just plain rain. Again, this is far enough away where anything can happen. Let's pray that the coastal low will dominate and maybe we'll get our snowstorm. That's likely wish-casting at this point, but stranger things can happen in the world of weather. Might be enough to close schools though if there is extended freezing rain.

linda said...

All of our weather forecasts say plain rain, which upsets me as it will wash away all the snow. BOOHOO

E.H. Boston said...

Hey, with the current forecasts and models showing the storm going NE through the Great Lakes, it looks like much of the Thursday storm will be rain from DC to Boston. May start as a brief period of sleet/snow in and around Boston, but quickly change to ALL RAIN if the secondary storm fails to develop quickly or strong enough off the South Coast of NE.

Boston: Quick Wintry Mix to accumulation

Woburn: Quick Wintry Mix to Rain..little accumulation

NYC to DC: Rain Showers and Rain/some mixing in with sleet and snow at end??? No accumulation.

Sorry everybody...

Even warmer weather on store for the work week before Christmas Eve?

Possibly...40's for NE and 50's for Mid Atlantic...RAIN???

Say it ain't so...

E.H. Boston said...

What a great day in Southern New England.

Highs today were in the middle 40's, but it seems that not much snow melted at all. The Patriots also beat the Bills 35-7, nice nice nice.

Looks like the Thursday storm will be pushed back until Friday, with the kitchen sink, rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain.

Question is will the secondary low that forms off the Delaware coast become dominant and keep the cold air intrenched in all levels of the atmosphere to bring another significant snowstorm to Boston?

Its up in the air. We will find out the closer we get to it, I guess.

Foot's Forecast said...

Most current update on

that info will be posted on this site later today.

Andy, Southern York County PA said...

If we could sqeeze a good 3 inches of snow with some sleet and not too much rain, then a hard freeze of this mixture could almost insure a white Christmas. There would then be extensive ice cover. I remember times when we had about 6 inches or snow or so on the ground, then some rain would fall on top of the snow pack. The snow would become heavy slush then freeze solid. That solid would take forever to melt and still looked like snow from the window!

Foot's Forecast said...

Ice Ice Baby...Special Weather Statements are a-flyin'

Jeez, I take my baby to ONE doctor appointment and look what happens!

Looking into this now and will do a major post today to outline the possibilities. Beginning to appear more likely that school is in jeopardy for Thursday.

Unknown said...

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