Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Is a winter forecast you've all been so patiently waiting for, along with an apology for my unnecessarily extended absence from this site. I am sorry to all those who have been posting comments and gotten no response. You are true weather troopers and please do not lose faith, as we all know winter is rapidly approaching. What I can say for now about this winter, at least for the I-95 corridor from DC to NYC is what I've been telling students and faculty at my school when they ask: Most of your snow this winter will come in two big storms... one in January, one in February. For those of you outside I-95 who justifiably demand a higher quality forecast, it will come, but not before Thanksgiving.

For what it's worth, here are the reasons for the recent absence:
1. Mid-October: Pizza Kit Fundraising Sale at my school for which I was the coordinator
2. Late-October: Formal classroom observation by administration (requires many many hours of prep time and generally suspension of all family and extra-curricular activities)
3. Early November: First ever Adventure Club trip to Hollywood, California for 3 days, 3 nights, for which I am the Club Advisor.
4. Recently: Homecoming Dance, Pizza Kit Delivery Day (we had 1200 to process) and now the school greenhouse is entering it's winter planting mode for Spring, requiring many more hours of indoor work, prep and management.

Not to forget there are 2 wonderful little Foots running underfoot, a three-year old and a alomst 1-year old who is just on the verge of walking and talking. So again please understand I still deeply care about the weather, especially winter, but the tasks in front of forecasting are larger than ever, so I have to piecemeal my time more than ever. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I plan to complete my full winter overview, and will look forward to our rousing discussions as we launch into the 2006-07 winter.

Mr. Foot