Saturday, December 2, 2006


Sincerely, Mr. Foot


Anonymous said...

Congrats, have a wonderful time!! This only happens once in a lifetime!! I must say I am disappointed over some of the comments I have read over the past few weeks. I appreciate any input you have on the weather but I also respect the fact that you have a life and that your priorities appear to be top notch, meaning family before blogging! I look forward to your winter updates in the future and hope that there is a storm brewing somewhere that will give us some welcome snow!!!

Anonymous said...

RAY- Hope ur daughter has a wonderful first b-day, just wanted confirmation that you were still around, thanx. : )

Anonymous said...

ERIC- Thanks for letting us know what you're up to Foot. We will be getting our first snow up here in Boston tomorrow, nothing big, but the first one since about April 5th.

Hopefully, you guys get yours soon too.

Anonymous said...

So good to see you back Mr. Foot! Just wanted to say that schools in Howard County have full 5 day weeks until break.. I NEEDASNOWDAY - any possibility?? :)

Anonymous said...

RAY-There is the possibility of a very significant event in about a week, but I'm not sure how much areas south of NYC would benefit.

Mr.B said...

This sucks so far, looks like another crappy one. I want more than just one or two storms!!! Where's 1993, 1996, 2000, and 2003?? :(

WEYTYN said...

Hey everyone...great to see Mr Foot back and ready to give us the scoop on the winter weather.

heres a cool cam website I located while surfing around
its a live feed from a marina on the Elk River that feeds the Upper Chesapeake Bay . I have heard Mr Foot goes there to visit the family. Could this place be close to where he visits?
You can easily see the tide levels ( great for watching the effects of southern winds on the upper Chesapeake Bay associated with the Lows that drift up the Appalachians) and a far view of the opposite shorline but surely we'll see snowflakes and maybe Mr Foot himself if he's out there sailing with his cute little daughters.

Happy viewing and glad your back.

whatever happened to Uncle Rico?


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Billy Kimber said...

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