Monday, February 19, 2007


Please read below and switch your email update account over to Feedblitz.

To continue receiving email updates when high-risk weather events threatens the East Coast, such as a winter storms, tropical cyclones or other phenomena, it will be necessary for all members of the "Foot's Forecast Distribution List" to re-register using the “Feedblitz” feature found in the right column. I'm sorry to make you jump through a few electronic hoops, but this is a critically important adjustment which must be made.

The Foot’s Forecast Distribution List was a temporary program designed to provide busy professionals such as yourself with “as needed” access to impending weather events, without having to check this website frequently. However, as you know mass emails clutter your inbox with the full list of addresses attached to the original message. Although no one has been critical toward or complained about this format, I wish to change the current format because is not the most professional approach in my view. In addition, I recently reached the maximum allowed number of contacts allowed in the list, and had to create second one, manually entering all the new addresses. This ultimately delays the process of conveying storm forecast updates to you.

That’s a good idea, but unfortunately the data must be in a format which the Feedblitz server can upload. I experimented with this several different ways and besides, I'm not comfortable registering you up for a service you did not request. The only option is to re-register, which requires perhaps 2 minutes if that, and in return you get a rich and diverse supply of storm information along with unmatched meteorological entertainment.

None. Like you, I am bombarded with email at work and home all day, and not weather-related either. I have taken great pains to assure myself and you that the Feedblitz program does not allow undesirable communication to occur in addition to the update, such as junk mail, advertising, spam, phishing scams. I have tested the update feature for several days and all you receive is the text and images of just the most recent update. This list is not up for sale, nor will you be receiving boring off-season minutae about the weather, requests for you to "forward this to all your friends!" or anything else not directly related to a storm that may impact your life in the near future.

Directly across to the right column you'll see the input field “Request Updates By Email.” Enter your email address, and this will direct you to a new pop-up page requesting confirmation. Once you register, the Feedblitz program includes your email address in a site scan every 24 hours. You may even receive this same post again. If the program notices an update has been published, the text and images of the most recent post are forwarded to your email account. IF HOWEVER, there has not been an update since the day before, you receive nothing. This is to prevent you from receiving the same post multiple times. If you've already made the switch and are receiving this message IN your email account, then no action is required. You could forward this to someone who's inquired about how to register for the updates.

It will appear as a normal message appearing in this format: "[Mr. Foot: FOOT'S FORECAST: {title of the update} . Body of the message will be identical to how appears it on the actual site, but contains images from just that post. Please note that some educational institutions restrict or prohibit images in email, mainly to prevent server overload. Those of you who register for Feedblitz using a school email address may not receive the image, which may unfortunately hamper your understanding of the message. I will take this into account when preparing the update. At bottom of the message is a link directing you back to the site, however please refrain from clicking this if your school server already blocks the forecast site. You will be able to receive the text at the very minimum.

Good question. The short answer is every 24 hours when in storm mode. Let’s say you register today at 3:00 PM EST. You will not receive any information right away. Then I post an update at 9:00 PM the same day. Again, your email version of that post will not appear until just after midnight, when the Feedblitz program scans for revisions. If we're in storm mode, you'll get regular updates each morning, and if no storms, no updates. The purpose of this feature is to let you go about your life, and not have to check this site unless you suspect something brewing. When the long range potential for a storm starts to appear, I begin posting again. Meanwhile, you’re happily going about your everyday life, not even suspecting there's something going on with the weather. Then, out of the blue, you get an email containing my most recent post. This alerts you that something is up, and directs you to the website for more details.

Keep in mind, there are two long period of silence on this site: (1) From end of the East Coast winter storm the start of threatening Atlantic basin tropical cyclone activity [from about March 15 to mid June or July] and; (2) From end of hurricane activity to first indications of a winter storm [about Nov 1 - Dec 1]. During those times, I don't forecast the weather, and sorry to say but I generally don't cover Tornado season, it is too changeable and hard for me to accurately track.

Plenty. You can do this today or wait a few months. I will send a reminder message to the original distribution group about once a month, and then the last message will be sent once we see a tropical system start to gather in the summer. Before start of the next school year, the old list will be deleted once I'm confident everyone has navigated to Feedblitz. I do not anticipate having to change this again, as the new program is highly regarded around the internet for it's consistency and integrity.

IF YOU HAVE ANY ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS, please feel empowered to direct them my way: If you encounter problems with your Feedblitz registration, please let me know. In conclusion, I enjoy making this site versatile and interactive so it enhances your understanding of the weather and enables me to convey information in an efficient and appropriate manner. Thank you for your continued support, readership and participation, I remain..

Sincerely Yours,
Forecaster Foot

About this picture:
Recorded in August 2005 on the last day of a 2-week family trip to Armenia in the Middle East. We were visiting the 11th century Fortress and Church of Amberd. Some thunderstorms began building on the horizon and I quickly had my sister-in-law snap the picture before we headed back down the mountain to Yerevan.


Julee said...

Mr. Foot

Tried using my school email but it never registered (I didn't get the email telling me to register). Used my home email instead.

crazedsnowboarder said...

are we going to get any snow from "PhantonKahuna?"

Julee said...

Mr. Foot
Should I apologize to the rest of Balto. Co. for our 1 hour late opening this morning? NO one was more surprised than I. Woke up in warm, puddly Pikesville, heard the Hereford Zone announcement and and thought I was in a time warp!
That "Zone" is a different animal!